Month: July 2014

Something #old, something #new, something #borrowed, something #blue

According to this article, social networking bride , brides and grooms are getting more social about their big day. I read this last night and thought ‘yes that’s probably true’ but it wasn’t until my walk to the train station this morning that I realised just how true that was. Here’s three things that have happened within the last week amongst my Facebook friends:

1. The proposal: the whole thing documented on Facebook from start to finish – the prep, the venue set-up, the moment he got down on one knee, her reaction, and of course, the ring. Personally, I’m not a fan – there’s very few moments that really belong to just you and the man you love (yes, including that one), and I think a proposal should be one of them. Some things just shouldn’t be #shared.

2. The hen do: Now this one I like – getting all your hens to upload their photos (the good, the bad, and the very drunken) with a hashtag. This particular example was #CazIsGettingMarried. Love it. The photos with the not so attractive stripper should definitely be #shared.

3. The big day: And now this one I love – getting all your guests to upload their photos to an app like WedPics. Standing in your wedding dress on the best day of your life is not really the time to get out your phone and take a selfie. So let your guests do it for you! And then when you wake up a married couple, with a slightly sore head, you can browse hundreds of photos courtesy of your guests and relive every moment of the day. This isn’t just about #sharing, this is about a virtual photo album to keep your memories.

So there you go, weddings are now social. Myself, I’m not engaged or married, so let’s wait and see if I become a social bridezilla.


Pause #1: In your face Sheryl Sandberg

Reading an article in the Evening Standard Magazine on the tube on my way home, I’ve finally found the antidote to the (what I believe to be) stupid Sandberg concept of ‘leaning in’. It’s now all about ‘the recline’.

The company HubDot have reinvented the often awkward and certainly false experience of networking. At their events, it’s not a question of ‘who are you and where do you work’, but rather ‘what’s your story’.

So kick back, recline and look up HubDot – it’s cool.


My 5 Minute Pause

It’s been a while again since I blogged – it’s like anything in life, if it becomes too much of an effort, it doesn’t get done. And that’s not because I don’t enjoy it, there’s just always something better to be doing.

So instead of long blog posts (because really, who has time to write them, or indeed read them?), I’m going for short posts, that take little effort to write, and little effort to read. What I’m going for is capturing things that inspire me, things that I think are cool, and things that I don’t want to forget (I’m sat right now, for example, with two screens to distract me – nothing stays in my head for very long). Think #100HappyDays, but different.

And so will begin My 5 Minute Pause. Because we rarely get to just stop and think.