My 5 Minute Pause

It’s been a while again since I blogged – it’s like anything in life, if it becomes too much of an effort, it doesn’t get done. And that’s not because I don’t enjoy it, there’s just always something better to be doing.

So instead of long blog posts (because really, who has time to write them, or indeed read them?), I’m going for short posts, that take little effort to write, and little effort to read. What I’m going for is capturing things that inspire me, things that I think are cool, and things that I don’t want to forget (I’m sat right now, for example, with two screens to distract me – nothing stays in my head for very long). Think #100HappyDays, but different.

And so will begin My 5 Minute Pause. Because we rarely get to just stop and think.


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